Omidyar Network is a philanthropic investment firm. We provide financial as well as human capital to our for-profit and nonprofit investees, helping them grow and reach their full potential. We encourage candidates to apply for current openings at our portfolio organizations.

323 Jobs Found

Job Title Investee Location
Junior Analyst, Africa and AsiaMicrofinance Information eXchange, Inc. (MIX)Nairobi, KE
Short Term Associate (AKA Chief Acrobat)Living GoodsSan Francisco, CA, US
Director of Technology InnovationLiving GoodsNairobi, KE
Director of Strategic PartnershipsLiving GoodsMultiple Locations
Director of Sales Innovation (AKA Chief Business Builder)Living GoodsMultiple Locations
Director of Communications and MarketingLiving GoodsSan Francisco, CA, US
Director of Investments: Insurance (Singapore)LeapFrog InvestmentsSingapore City, SG
Board Member, Social Impact Lab FoundationFrontlineSMSNairobi, KE
[Cloud && Java ]Sys[tems ]Admin[istrator]FrontlineSMSNairobi, KE