Machine Learning Engineer at Meetup
New York City, NY, US
Each month millions of people RSVP to hundreds of thousands of Meetups around the world. Activity on Meetup is growing faster than ever and by studying it, we’re learning how to help members find the Meetups that are right for them.

What the work looks like:
Improve the ways we collect and process data across the platform
Get your hands dirty with Hadoop, Hive and related technologies
Analyze, process and transform data, making it available to improve the product
Implement algorithms that need to scale to 100’s of requests a second
Collaborate with product to leverage data for a better user experience
Why you’ll want to work here:
The chance to work with large amounts of data and make a real difference
Work with new and exciting technology
Small, smart and focused team
We’re solving hard problems *and* making the world a better place
What we want from you:
Background in machine learning, data mining and information retrieval
Experience writing production quality, performant code in at least one language
Good scripting skills and comfortable in the UNIX command line environment
Ideally, some functional and statistical programming experience (Scala, R)
Ideally, someone who’s performed research in a related field